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Born in Wurzberg, Germany April 6th, 1969. I have one younger brother. Grew up in Southeast US. I attended Central HS in Knoxville, TN and finished at Greeneville HS in Greeneville, TN. I met Debbie at Greeneville HS; we dated through college, her at Clemson and me at UTK. We married December 28th, 1991 in Greeneville, TN. We have four healthy sons. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful life!

I do a little bit of this, little bit of that; i'm an electrical engineer by trade (UTK 1991) and my day job is my engineering business (DBR Systems) where I provide automation solutions for manufacturing facilities. I also do some real-estate investing where I try to buy a new property once or twice a year; I run this business as RK Properties, LLC I also have a software company with a buddy in Seattle Bright Software, LLC Oh yeah...Founder of E.O.K. with partners Jay Albright and Chris Austin! I'm always looking for something else...