Creating a Gizmo Guide: How to Take Pictures While Scuba Diving


Sometimes, the Neighborhood Nerds get really interesting requests. We have a lot of Neighborhood Nerds members with a variety of hobbies. When our members need help with something related to their hobbies, we always try to help out in whatever way we can. One day, a member came in and asked how to take pictures while scuba diving. He had very nice equipment, but he couldn’t remember how to use it. That’s where the Nerds came in to help! 

The member was taking a trip to the Caribbean. He wanted to take photos of the coral reefs and fish while he was out diving in the ocean. After he dropped off the camera at the member center, the Nerds went to work. We were able to: 

  • Look up the model number of the underwater camera and gather information 
  • Call the camera’s manufacturer and speak to a representative to research how the camera works 
  • Write a Gizmo Guide teaching the member how to take pictures while scuba diving and other tips based on how he wanted to use it on his trip
  • Ran through the technology checkout and diagnostic process to make sure it was fully functioning for the trip 

Once the member received the refresher course on his scuba diving equipment, he was so pleased. You could see his eyes light up as he started to remember how the camera worked. He learned how to take pictures while scuba diving and much more with the help of the Nerds! Through research and hard work, we were able to help a member capture memories of his favorite hobby he can cherish for years to come. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our members. 

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