Neighborhood Nerds is the ULTIMATE help desk for all your requests. We help when you need it. We save you TIME and provide PEACE of mind.

We’re not like any other service out there. We’re a very unique and different animal (that’s why our mascot, Gizmo, is a platypus!). We can’t really tell someone what Neighborhood Nerds is. You really have to see it and experience it yourself. You’re going to LOVE it!

Give us a try. A week of Nerd love for $79! We’ll help you with a few Requests to show you how we do it!

These are just a few ways that we can help.

  • How to cut the chord and save money on cable

  • How to safely use social media and control your privacy/security settings

  • How to move to electronic documents and away from paper

  • The best ways to organize your photos

  • What technology best fits your lifestyle? Do I need a Ring doorbell or a fancy new bike like a Peloton?

  • Choosing and setting up a new alarm system

  • Choosing and setting up personal assistants at home (Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home)

  • Choosing and setting up home audio equipment

  • Choosing and setting up the best streaming service for you

  • Computer support (email, printers, networking, software, hardware)

  • How to adjust social media tools for business use

  • Phone support (setting up email, general use, resettin, troubleshooting

  • Cable and internet troubleshooting

  • Software issues and updates

  • Picking the right software for your business