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We’re not like any other service out there. We’re a very unique and different animal (that’s why our mascot, Gizmo, is a platypus!). Of course, we help with all of your technology questions but we’re not limited to tech. We’re here to help you with EVERYTHING. You’re going to LOVE it!

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These are just a few ways that we can help.

  • How to cut the chord and save money on cable

  • How to safely use social media and control your privacy/security settings

  • How to move to electronic documents and away from paper

  • The best ways to organize your photos

  • What technology best fits your lifestyle? Do I need a Ring doorbell or a fancy new bike like a Peloton?

  • Choosing and setting up a new alarm system

  • Choosing and setting up personal assistants at home (Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home)

  • Choosing and setting up home audio equipment

  • Choosing and setting up the best streaming service for you

  • Computer support (email, printers, networking, software, hardware)

  • How to adjust social media tools for business use

  • Phone support (setting up email, general use, resettin, troubleshooting

  • Cable and internet troubleshooting

  • Software issues and updates

  • Picking the right software for your business