Neighborhood Nerd Owners

Leo Knight

Leo started life as an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Tennessee. After graduating, he went to work for Allen-Bradley living in Cleveland, OH and Milwaukee, WI. Leo came up with the idea for a Neighborhood Tech Shop after one of his tenants (Sam McCamy) moved out of 1202 Kenesaw Ave in 2010. Partner, Mark Armstrong, brought the idea to life as Neighborhood Nerds and created our platypus mascot, Gizmo. Leo married his high school sweetheart, Debbie and they have four sons. Leo strives to keep the royal commandment every day, Love your Neighbor as your self!

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Mark Armstrong
Founder & voice of Gizmo!

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with many successes. He is the original developer of the marketing platform, MailChimp™. Branding and Marketing genius behind Neighborhood Nerds and Gizmo! Mark joined the team in 2011 and quickly saw the potential. In 2012 Mark negotiated a 50/50 stake in Neighborhood Nerds, Inc. and continues to lead the Marketing/Branding efforts today! Husband to a WONDERFUL lady.

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