Meet the Owners

Leonard (Leo) Knight
Founder & Papa Nerd
First pitched the concept of Neighborhood Nerds as Sequoyah Hills Information Technologies (S.H.I.T.) to existing IT companies around town in hopes of getting a new tenant in the building. After pitching several times, decided this is a great idea and launched the business. Partner, Mark Armstrong, brought the idea to life as Neighborhood Nerds. Husband to a VERY patient Wife, Father to four AMAZING sons, Owner of one FINE chocolate Lab. Entrepreneur, Investor, Servant, Leader, Elder, Rotarian.
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Linda Anderson
CAO & Mama Nerd
Linda joined the team in 2011 and immediately began organizing and streamlining! Linda quickly became the "mom" to all Nerds in the shop. She made sure we had everything we needed to exceed our Member's expectations. Linda has the heart of a Neighborhood Nerd and has true empathy for our Members. In our planning sessions, meetings, and retreats, we could always count on Linda to represent our Members and remind us of the love we're to deliver. She is always the Member advocate.
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Mark Armstrong
Founder & CMO
Mark is a serial entrepreneur with many successes. He is the original developer of the marketing platform, MailChimp. Branding and Marketing genius behind Neighborhood Nerds and Gizmo! Mark joined the team in 2011 and quickly saw the potential. In 2012 Mark negotiated a 50/50 stake in Neighborhood Nerds, Inc. and continues to lead the Marketing/Branding efforts today! Husband to a WONDERFUL lady.
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Tommy Nguyen
Platypus Extraordinaire
Tommy joined the team in 2012 and immediately stole the hearts and minds of Leo, Mark and our Members. Tommy perfectly personifies the attributes of a great Nerd. He is empathetic, kind, passionate, and an advocate for the Members. Tommy isn't involved in the day-to-day actives of NNI today but is always responsive when we need his input or help. Tommy is a serial entrepreneur with many start-ups in the works including Right Click Design, Plate, StoragePug, and many more. Husband to an ADORABLE wife. Father to many Cats.
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