Located in the heart of the Sequoyah Hills Neighborhood in Knoxville, TN, the Sequoyah Hills Member Center holds a special place in everyone’s heart! This was the very first Neighborhood Nerds Member Center and is still used as the example to operators when they are considering the purchase of a NNI Member Center in their community. Each MC has it’s own team of Nerds to help its Members with each and every Request they may have.

Neighborhood Nerds Team

Daniel H
MC Manager

Daniel is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee studying Supply Chain Management, and a cadet in UT’s Army ROTC program. He is passionate about helping Members. Nothing makes him happier than finding solutions to a Member's problem, or teaching Members how to use the tech they have to make their lives easier!

Mike M
Inside Nerd

Mike is a student at the University of Tennessee studying electrical engineering. He enjoys playing video games, movies, and anything involving technology. Mike loves serving our Members at the Member Center.

Megan H
Inside Nerd

Megan has spent the past 7.5 years working with customers on mobile devices and mobile service issues, she learned that her passion is to assist in broadening the knowledge of electronic devices and resolving any sudden or prolonged issues stemming from them. The members she works with can be confident in her ability to assist them as well as enjoy her witty humor AND a world-class customer service experience simultaneously.

Jace T
Remote Help Nerd

Jace recently graduated from the University of Tennessee and got his Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering. He loves games of all sorts, from video to board to sports. He enjoys being there for members and helping them through hard times!

Bill R
Remote Help Nerd
Bill has a degree in Computer Information Technology with a Cyber Security Concentration. He enjoys learning about all forms of technology, working with people, creating music, drumming, and just spending time with friends.
Michael C
Outside Nerd

Michael is attending UTK majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He started building computers in high school and has always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. In middle school, he even made an informational YouTube video of a computer and what all the parts in it were hoping to inform people a small bit on how their computer functions.

Jack M
Outside Nerd

Jack is attending UTK majoring in Computer Science. He has lots of hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. He also has the CompTIA A+ certification. Jack is a problem solver and enjoys helping others with their technology issues. He has a passion for music, hockey, and technology. He looks forward to answering any questions and helping you use your tech!

Alex T
GTC Nerd

Alex works in the Gizmo Technology Center. He is passionate about art, video games, and building computers and is very excited to help members with any tech needs!