Sequoyah Hills Member Center

Located in the heart of the Sequoyah Hills Neighborhood in Knoxville, TN, the Sequoyah Hills Member Center holds a special place in everyone’s heart! This was the very first Neighborhood Nerds Member Center and is still used as the example to operators when they are considering the purchase of a NNI Member Center in their community. Each MC has it’s own team of Nerds to help its Members with each and every Request they may have.

Neighborhood Nerds Team

Mike Mench
Inside Nerd

Mike Mench is a student at the University of Tennessee studying electrical engineering. He enjoys playing video games, movies, and anything involving technology. Mike loves serving our Members at the Member Center.

Daniel Hutchings
Outside Nerd

Daniel Hutchings is an outside Nerd here at Neighborhood Nerds. He is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee studying Supply Chain Management, and a cadet in UT’s Army ROTC program. Daniel is passionate about working with computers and has built many of his own. Here at Neighborhood Nerds you would be hard pressed to find a computer or piece of tech that Daniel doesn’t have experience working with! Nothing makes him happier than finding solutions to member problems, or teaching members how to use the tech they have to make their lives easier!

Alex Tyler
Outside Nerd

Alex Tyler is an outside nerd and also works in the Gizmo Technology Center. He is passionate about art, video games, and building computers and is very excited to help members with any tech needs!

William Duncan
Gizmo's Technology Center

William Duncan loves learning about technology trends in the industry. He works as an Inside Nerd at the Member Center. His favorite part about his job is helping members and problem-solving.