Sequoyah Hills Member Center

Located in the heart of the Sequoyah Hills Neighborhood in Knoxville, TN, the Sequoyah Hills Member Center holds a special place in everyone’s heart! This was the very first Neighborhood Nerds Member Center and is still used as the example to operators when they are considering the purchase of a NNI Member Center in their community. Each MC has it’s own team of Nerds to help its Members with each and every Request they may have.

Neighborhood Nerds Team

Tanner Kerlin
Account Manager

Tanner is happy to be a part of the Neighborhood Nerds Team. He comes from an array of careers but one priority has always been consistent: customer service. Tanner has dedicated over 7 years to customer service, whether it be by serving and bartending at several restaurants, working as a call representative, or serving as a sales associates for AT&T and retailers. He has learned to ALWAYS put the guest, member, or customer before his needs in order to deliver the best experience. He is currently working as the account manager for The Neighborhood Nerds and looks forward to meeting and serving each member.

Ryan Flores
Remote Help Nerd

Ryan is a recent college graduate, and he serves as a Remote Nerd with the Neighborhood Nerds. His role means he answers calls that come in, schedules visits for members, and makes tickets for all tech issues. He has been working with computers starting at a young age and loves working with technology each and every day. Ryan is very excited for this opportunity to deliver an excellent customer service experience to all members.

Riley Long
Remote Help Nerd

Riley Long serves as a Remote Nerd with the Neighborhood Nerds. His role means he answers calls that come in, schedules visits for members, and makes tickets for all tech issues. He enjoys solving problems for our members. He is always ready and willing to get the job done! In his free time, he likes to play video games and compete in tournaments.

Jace Terry
Outside Nerd

Jace is a senior studying Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee. He grew up in the small town of Sale Creek and moved to Knoxville for college. Jace loves playing board games, or any sort of games with his friends from both back home and here. He works primarily as an outside nerd, but sometimes does inside nerd work. He excels at fixing any and all IT problems, video editing, and writing emails.

Daniel Hutchings
Outside Nerd

Daniel Hutchings is an outside Nerd here at Neighborhood Nerds. He is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee studying Supply Chain Management, and a cadet in UT’s Army ROTC program. Daniel is passionate about working with computers and has built many of his own. Here at Neighborhood Nerds you would be hard pressed to find a computer or piece of tech that Daniel doesn’t have experience working with! Nothing makes him happier than finding solutions to member problems, or teaching members how to use the tech they have to make their lives easier!

Catherine "Cat" Campbell
Inside Nerd

Catherine Campbell (Cat) is a 22-year-old senior studying chemical engineering at the University of Tennessee. She works as an Inside Nerd and helps members in our Member Center. Cat loves assisting members. She says nothing makes her happier than to help people and have them leave the center with a smile on their face.

Will Keziah
Inside Nerd

Will Keziah is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. He works as an Inside Nerd. Will is passionate about video games, building computers, and iPhones. He is excited to help out our members with their technology needs at the Member Center.

Mike Mench
Inside Nerd

Mike Mench is a student at the University of Tennessee studying electrical engineering. He enjoys playing video games, movies, and anything involving technology. Mike loves serving our Members at the Member Center.

William Duncan
Inside Nerd

William Duncan loves learning about technology trends in the industry. He works as an Inside Nerd at the Member Center. His favorite part about his job is helping members and problem-solving.