Neighborhood Nerds, Inc. was formed in 2012 by Leonard Knight and Mark Armstrong. Leonard had been running a similar concept as Taking IT Home. Neighborhood Nerds has a simple goal of providing CARE to our Members. We believe customer service and customer care have all but disappeared in the world and we’re on a mission to correct that oversight. We will, at the very least, resolve it for our Members.

Neighborhood Nerds is a subsidiary of our larger vision, Gizmo Cares.  Today, Neighborhood Nerds is retail Member Centers with teams of Nerds working to serve their local Members by resolving requests as quickly as possible. Our Nerds follow Gizmo’s Circle of Care™ to 1) Discover opportunities to serve their Members; 2) Plan solutions for the Member’s needs; 3) Review those solutions with the Members for budget, schedule, complexity, etc.

The Member then decides how they want to 4) Implement the solution

The Nerds then 5) Educate the Member about the solution; and create Nerd Operating Manuals to 6) Maintain the solution.

We want to help you save TIME and have PEACE OF MIND. Please let us serve you. Join today.