About The Who, Why, Way, What of us

Do you ever get stressed when your technology doesn’t work the way it should? Do you have trouble keeping up with all the new gadgets and updates? Do you stress over deciding which phone, computer, printer, etc. you need to buy? Do you need help?

Well, that’s why we created Neighborhood Nerds! We feel like everyone should have a Nerd in their life. We believe technology is built by techie people for other techie people and it’s confusing! We don’t want you to spend hours stressing, waiting, sitting on hold, etc. We just want your stuff to work!

So, we put our massive brains to work on a solution and after years of work have come up with an incredible solution! For about $3/day we provide a plethora of smart, young, patient, kind, loving, empathetic Nerds to help you! You can visit them in your Local Member Center, call them to get remote help, email them questions, schedule them to come out to your home or office.

We do want to be clear that Nerds are NOT professional IT resources. They are smart young High School & College power users of technology. Think nephew/niece/grandson/granddaughter who always answers your calls and always responds!

We are VERY consistent in our care for our Members. When a Member submits a Request, the Nerds jump into action! Your Account Manager and other Nerds will use Gizmo’s Circle of Care™ to make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed! And you will always receive a Gizmo Guide™ detailing the solution that was implemented.