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Nerd Visits™: Scheduled In-Home or Office Assistance

What Are They?
Nerd Visits™ are pre-scheduled sessions where one of our friendly and knowledgeable Nerds comes to your home or office to assist with technology issues. Whether it’s a glitchy computer, a malfunctioning printer, or any other tech-related hiccup, we’re there to help.

What’s Included in All-Inclusive?
Our All-Inclusive package covers Nerd Visits™ for troubleshooting and fixing any technology that was previously functioning but has recently encountered problems. This means we’ll help you get things back to normal at no extra cost beyond your All-Inclusive membership.

What’s NOT Included in All-Inclusive?
It’s important to note that the All-Inclusive Nerd Visits™ do not cover new projects or installations. For example, if you’ve purchased a new home theater system and need it set up, or if you’re looking to build a new network from scratch, these would be considered projects or new installations and would not be included in the All-Inclusive package. Separate fees would apply for such services.

By clarifying what is and isn’t included in Nerd Visits™, we hope to provide a more transparent and satisfying experience for all of our members.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions!