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We save you Time and provide Peace of Mind! For about $3/day you can have a herd of Nerds caring for all of your technology needs!

Our Nerds are smart/young/respectful/empathetic High School & College kids who want to help! They are power users of technology! They’re like the Apple Genius™ for everything else! And, unlike the Geniuses, they come to your home or office when you need them!

We’re your help desk for anything and everything! And we’re available by more than just phone, email, or chat! You can get face-to-face Nerd help anytime! Just drop by your local Member Center or call to schedule a visit!


1 Neighborhood Nerds™ are available for help in the Member Centers during normal business hours on a first-come-first-served basis. If other Members are waiting, please limit your sessions to 15 minutes. If you prefer to schedule time with a Neighborhood Nerd, you will receive a Recommendation explaining additional costs.