Yes, our Members love us! It’s a little embarrassing but we’re getting used to it 😉 If you want to share your story, click here.

My Nerds are the most patient and knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It does not matter when I call, they are always there! They are always patient and kind. I never worry about anything because THE NERDS will know what to do!! I would strongly recommend Neighborhood Nerds to any size company.

Kari W.

One of the main benefits I feel I have received from Neighborhood Nerds is the piece of mind that all of my stuff is not going to disappear!

Melinda E.

The best part of being a Neighborhood Nerds Member? No more "finger pointing"! If I hand a Request to the Nerds, I know it's going to get done. The Nerds don't give up. The Nerds never blame someone else. They just do it!

Bobbi B.

It's wonderful having Nerds who know me and know what I need. I don't have to give my life story to get help!

Julie W.

My cursor disappeared and a Nerd found it for me! Of course a computer is useless without this tiny arrow...

Mary H.

Helped me accomplish some of my technology goals last year: to find a much smaller device to make appointments on the run, use email, and create documents/presentations. I ended up with two of them: an iphone and a small, fast Samsung notebook computer.

Dick H.

So now, for my little monthly fee, I have my very own peeps.

Susan H.

What do normal people do if they don’t have a Nerd like you in their lives? Everyone needs a Nerd in their life!

Debbie K.

Having the Nerds talk to Comcast for me?!?! Priceless!

Jennifer S.