We’re here to solve problems so you can get back to making money! Traditional IT shops work on a “break/fix” revenue model…your stuff breaks and they get paid to fix it.

Our model incentivizes us to keep you up and running. The less you call us, the more money we make! So, it’s in our best interest to provide solutions that keep you up and running. This membership model allows us the ability to know you and your business. We can then make recommendations and implement solutions to help you get more done!

Below are examples of solutions we provide for different clients in various business sectors:

[toggle title=”Real-estate Offices”]

Backup & Online Storage Phone Systems Recording Phone Conversations
Project Management Data Recovery Social Media Solutions
Electronic Signatures Instant Messaging Customer Relationship Management
Online Collaboration Mobile Solutions Document Management

[toggle title=”Doctor Offices”]

Electronic Record Management Phone Systems Camera Systems
Guest WiFi In-house Commercials HIPAA

[toggle title=”Lawyer Offices”]

Project Management Phone Systems Remote Access

[toggle title=”Construction Companies”]

Mobile Solutions Camera Systems Sharing Photos
Project Management Remote Access  In-house Commercials



We’re here to help you in any way. Not only will we do all of the above, but we’ll also be here to evaluate your needs, research various opinions, and generate a plan if you need us to. Just contact us when you’re ready to get started.