Neighborhood Nerds is the Country Doctor of Technology. Like your family doctor, our highest priority is to keep you healthy and happy! We’re also here to take care of you if you’re sick, and find a specialist when you need it!

We make it a priority to know you, your family history, what you like and don’t like, and most of all, what you look like when you’re healthy and happy!

So what happens when you’re not feeling well? Just like your family doctor, we do our best to fix any issues that arise. A scratch, bump, or cut to your phone or computer, we’ll be on it!

We also understand though that you’ll occasionally need a referral to a specialist. Through our network of trusted partners, you’ll be back in action in no time!

We are your Advocate when dealing with these specialists and other service providers. As nice and polite as we are, we can get pretty fired up when someone is taking advantage of our members! We make sure your best interests are protected so you can focus on staying healthy and happy!