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Member Considerations

Working with members like you makes Neighborhood Nerds a great joy. As a valued member, we would love to hear your story about the experience you have had with Neighborhood Nerds.

If you would like to do a testimonial for us, please provide your name and email below so we can contact you. (All information is confidential).

Testimonials can be done in one of the following ways, whichever works best for you!

  • face to face in the Nerd’s shop,
  • in-person at your business or home,
  • or written response.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us to serve you better.


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One of the main benefits I feel I have gotten from NN is that piece of mind that all of my stuff is not going to disappear.”

~ Melinda E.

Helped me accomplish some of my technology goals last year: to find a much smaller device to make appointments on the run, use email, and create documents/presentations. I ended up with two of them: an iphone and a small, fast Samsung notebook computer.”

~ Dick H.

So now, for my little monthly fee, I have my very own peeps.”

~ Susan H.

Tommy Nguyen is one of the most patient and knowledgeable IT professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It does not matter when I call, he is always there! He is always patient and kind. I never worry about anything because TOMMY will know what do!! I would strongly recommend Neighborhood Nerds and Tommy to any size company.”

~ Kari W.