Author: Leo

A Helping Hand: How the Neighborhood Nerds Can Help With Small Business Technology Needs


It’s true, everyone needs a Nerd in their life! This includes small business owners. The Neighborhood Nerds were never intended to replace real IT companies who serve business clients for enterprise-level support. However, these smart young college kids are power users of technology! They are great at troubleshooting and problem-solving. Over the years, we have […]

Creating a Gizmo Guide: How to Take Pictures While Scuba Diving


Sometimes, the Neighborhood Nerds get really interesting requests. We have a lot of Neighborhood Nerds members with a variety of hobbies. When our members need help with something related to their hobbies, we always try to help out in whatever way we can. One day, a member came in and asked how to take pictures […]

Much more than Tech Support: Neighborhood Nerds are Life Support!


It might be surprising to some, but about 12 percent of our Members are senior women living alone that are either widowed, divorced, or have always been single. Our Nerds play a big part in their lives. Not only do we help with technology, but on one occasion we even saved a life!

Back to School Blues!


Howdy Neighbors! Welcome back to the blog! We have so much to catch up on, and we would love to hear from you about how your Summer was! As you may have seen, our Sequoyah Hills Member Center is being remodeled. That doesn’t mean your Nerds aren’t working! We Are! Call or email us with […]

Sequoyah Hills Member Center


Where are the Nerds?!?!?!? We’ve received a few calls asking, “Where’s Neighborhood Nerds?” “Did you guys close?” “Can I still get help?” We haven’t gone anywhere. We’re still here caring for Members every day. We’ve just TEMPORARILY closed our Sequoyah Hills Member Center for remodeling. It’s been open now for 6 years and needs new […]

It’s Gettin’ HOT in Here


Howdy Neighbors! Summer is coming in full swing and it sure is HOT. Speaking of hot, is your computer feeling a little toasty? Your computer getting too hot can result in some serious damage! It can lead to slowdowns, shutdowns, or even the blue screen of DEATH. Let’s talk about some reasons why your computer […]

Don’t Let Your Computer Go VIRAL


Hey, Neighbors! This week, we’re gonna tell you all about something that is super important for every computer owner out there to know about! COMPUTER VIRUSES. Those pesky little glitches in your computer that come from clicking on an infected link or downloading something with a virus attached. Viruses can range from simple to SEVERE, […]

Your computer is smarter than you think!


Howdy Neighbors! This week’s blog post is for our Mac users out there! Have you ever written a paper, letter, or email and lost the file due to your computer crashing or freezing? Have you ever been working on any file at all that got lost due to a glitch or an accidental click? Did […]

Growing up is hard…


Howdy Neighbors! This week’s blog post is going to tell you all about how you can use technology to make your daily life easier! Using apps, alarms, and calendars can keep you from stressing out about things that you shouldn’t have to stress about! Growing up is hard, but we can help make it easier […]