20 Fabulous Apps for Seniors


Technology is more and more a part of our day-to-day activities, and in most cases, it’s here to make our lives better. Mobile apps are especially useful for Seniors as they allow them to enjoy their time off, connect with others and even improve their knowledge and mental abilities. Here are 20 of our Nerd Recommended picks. Most are available for both iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices.

Mental power

1. Luminosity


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

This is an application that includes a wide range of games that were designed to improve your mental power. Neuroscientists approve all of these games.

2. Fit Brains Trainer


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

This is a brain and fitness app that’s great for improving concentration, your IQ, recognition, and it even provides you with stunning results when it comes to problem solving.


3. Find my iPhone


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Find my iPhone is a stunning, simple yet very efficient application that enables you to locate your phone no matter where it’s located in the world. With Google Maps integration and other perks, this app is an essential tool to have.

4. Remember The Milk


Google Play StoreApple App Store

Remember the Milk is an app that provides seniors with the necessary tools in order to get the job done. With automatic syncing, widgets as well as notifications, neighborhood nerds will definitely enjoy this one app.

Magnifying Glass


Google Play Store

This is a wonderful application for those situations in which you need to magnify certain portions of the screen. It works seamlessly and it comes with numerous features that seniors will enjoy.

Password Management

5. 1Password



Google Play Store | Apple App Store

If you want a reliable app to store your login information, credit card data or any other valuable info, then check out this app. Thanks to a master password as well as automatic locking features, this is one app that you don’t want to miss.

6. LastPass


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

A great app for password management that also brings syncing features, this is an amazing tool to have on your phone. Managing passwords has never been easier, and this is why you need to try it quickly if you want amazing results!

7. Dashlane


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Alongside great password management, this app also comes with a good security vault as well as a simple, easy to use password generation tool.

8. Keepass


Google Play Store

Fast and easy to use password manager, this tool will enable you to get the job done quickly and keep your passwords on the go, something that is truly impressive to say the least!


Health and Safety

9. WebMD


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

If nerds want a tool to monitor their health, medicines and which can keep track of their wellness information, then this is a person app to use!

10. MediSafe


Google Play StoreApple App Store

This tool is great for seniors because it reminds them what pills they need to take and at what time. It’s an essential pill tracker for everyone, and thus an app that has to be installed on our phones.

11. Instant Heart Rate


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

If nerds want to monitor their heart rate, then this is the perfect tool to do that. Created by cardiologists with ease of use in mind, this is one app that you need to add in your arsenal.

Family and friends

12. FaceTime


Apple.com FaceTime

Staying in touch with your friends and family has never been so easy to do. With great video quality and numerous features such as photo taking embedded in it, this app is a must for any of the seniors.

13. Google Hangouts


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

If you want to hang out with friends, share videos, photos and send messages or stickers, then this is a perfect application for that.

14. Skype


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Similar to the other tools, this one also allows voice and video chat, file sharing and other interesting functions.

15. Word with Friends


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Playing a game with friends is always fun, and because of that all nerds play this title online. It’s fun, easy to play and provides you with numerous neat moments, not to mention that you can learn new words as well!

16. Candy Crush Saga


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Candy Crush Saga is the best match three game on the market, and with the help of vibrant graphics as well as stunning gameplay, it will bring you some amazing moments that you will never forget!

17. Talking Tom Cat


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

This app is great for those that want to take care of a cat. It’s funny, and you can play it for a very long time, as you create a connection with your kitty!


Social media

18. Instagram


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Nerds want to stay in touch with their friends, and Instagram is a great app for that. Sharing images and commenting is super easy!

19. YouTube


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world, so every nerd needs to install this on a mobile device. No matter if you want to watch shows or just see a music video, this is the perfect tool for that.

20. Pinterest


Google Play Store | Apple App Store

The idea of pinning content on boards caught on to the social media world and Pinterest is the prime example of that. It’s easy to use and highly interactive!

These are the best applications for seniors. All of these applications cover different topics and categories, and most of them are usually installed on phones across the globe, providing people with access to gaming, health info or social media connectivity, among many others. If you are a senior, then we recommend you install most of these on your smartphone and see how they can help you in your daily life!

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