Summer is going to be a BLAST


Howdy Neighbors!

This is an exciting blog post! In light of the beautiful weather lately, it’s really got me thinking about Summer! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t WAIT for Summer to come every year. There’s some cool tech gadgets that I use to make my Summer even better, and I’m going to tell you all about them! But first, let’s talk a little bit about Neighborhood Nerds!

You may or may not follow us on social media (but if you don’t, you definitely should!), but a few weeks ago, there was a post about something that you may not have known was offered by Neighborhood Nerds. It’s not fun to talk about, so let’s keep it short and sweet! The Nerds are here to help you now and forever! By forever, we mean FOREVER. We are here to help you and your family with those stressful technology requirements that are left even after you’re gone. It may sound strange, but we can help shut down social media accounts, close credit cards, terminate paid and unpaid memberships, and even help cancel your cable and internet plans. We are always here for you, and we want to take all the stress off of you and your family in a time like that!

Alright, now let’s get back to the sunshine! Nice weather’s out! Time to get outside! This summer you may want to invest in some cool outdoor tech gadgets for music, entertainment, or even just making life more fun!

First of all, are you outdoorsy? Do you like to go camping or even just sit outside after the sun has gone down? There’s this inexpensive, super bright, solar powered lamp that can light up your night! It’s called an MPOWERD Luci, and it’s just what you need for being outdoors after dark!

This next one is a little “wild”, which is probably why it’s named Handspresso Wild Hybrid! This is a handheld espresso maker that you can take anywhere with you! This is for the coffee addicts who just can’t wait to go inside to brew a cup of joe! If you like brewing your own lattes, this is the gadget for you! It’s also guaranteed to give the full complement of crema, so don’t worry about it not reaching the Starbucks standards!


This gadget is one that I, personally, believe everyone should own! A waterproof bluetooth speaker! Poolside, on a hike, or at the beach, waterproof speakers are the best source of entertainment that everyone can share! Wearing headphones by the pool is just not nearly as fun as sharing the tunes with your friends!

The last gadget I’m going to tell you about is a pretty big one! It’s called the Meet Earl Survival Tablet. This is for the real outdoorsmen (or women!) who need information, entertainment, directions, and everything else the outdoorsman could need on a moment’s notice! This tablet has countless functions, but to name a few, it has a GPS, weather sensor, and a radio! It also has solar charging, so you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying, AND it has a walkie talkie that works for 20 miles, in case someone gets into a sticky situation! This is a high-tech gadget, but it’s super handy for campers or hikers!


Well, that’s that Neighbors! I hope you got some cool ideas for fun gadgets to get this Summer! We want you to have the best one yet! As always, we are your life support, and we’re here to take everything off your plate. Call or come in to give us your stressful tech issues! We hope to see you soon, Neighbors. Don’t forget to find us on social media for more updates!

See you later, Neighbors!

-Neighborhood Nerds

Photo apps are HARD!


Howdy Neighbors!

This week, we are going to tell you all about how to navigate the photos on your iPhone or Android! Sometimes updates on apps and getting new phones can make things way too confusing, but we are here to help! First, though, let’s talk about our Nerds!

You may not follow the Neighborhood Nerds Instagram page and if you don’t, you should definitely check it out! Lately, we have been giving you the opportunity to get to know more about the Neighborly Nerds that help you every single day! With pictures of each of the Nerds, you can learn about their major, their hobbies, and other fun facts about their lives outside of being a Nerd! Check it out, and don’t forget to call or come in and we will introduce ourselves and hope to learn more about you as well! (IG: @neighborhoodnerds, Twitter: @nnerdsknox)

Alright, now let’s move on to the nitty gritty!

The photo apps on your smart phones can seem easy for your kids or grandkids to navigate, but can seem impossible for you to understand! There are so many options and buttons and things seem to change as soon as you get the hang of them. Don’t worry, Neighbors, we are here to help! Let’s begin with the iPhone… If you have an Android, you can skip this section.

iPhone photo app Navigation:

  • First of all, let’s find the photo app. Currently, it’s a white square with a rainbow flower symbol in it. Touch that and you are in your photo app. Easy peezy!
  • Next, you may be seeing many pictures, albums, or nothing at all! This depends on what tab you are on. At the bottom of the screen, you should see four tabs labeled “Photos, Memories, Shared, and Albums”. For now, let’s focus on photos, so click the “Photos” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • On this screen, you can see a daily breakdown of photos based on time and location. The bottom of the photos are the newest photos, and they get older as you scroll up. When in doubt, always go to “Photos” tab, because every photo can be found here!
  • To access photos from the camera, first open the camera app, then click the small icon in the bottom left that is a small version of the last photo you took.

There you have it iPhone users! You’re a pro now. Not too hard since Apple included the “Photos” tab that makes sure all of your photos are saved in one place. If you would like to know more about the in-depth functions of the photo app, come in or call the Nerds and we will help you out!

Android users, it’s your turn! iPhone users, you can skip this part!

Android photo app Navigation:

  • First of all, you should see an app somewhere on your homescreen called “gallery”. Touch that app and you’re in the photo app! Not so bad! The hardest part may be finding the gallery if it’s not on your home page. Just remember that your apps are saved in alphabetical order and you can find it that way.
  • You will see three tabs at the top of the screen that say “Pictures, Albums, and Stories”. To keep this simple, let’s touch the “Photos” tab. This will be a chronologically ordered set of your photos.
  • Your newest photos are at the top of the screen, and as you scroll down, you will see older photos. The photos are also broken up into daily photo sets.
  • To access photos from the camera app, click the circular icon that resembles your latest photo in the bottom right corner.

Now, you’re all experts on accessing and navigating your photo app! It’s not nearly as hard as it can seem sometimes, but no more relying on your grandkids to grudgingly teach you how to use your phone. Your Nerds have got your back! Don’t forget to check out the Instagram posts about the Nerds! We hope you have a great Easter, and that the Easter Bunny treats you well! 😉

See you next time, Neighbors!

-Neighborhood Nerds

We Save You… AND Your Files


Hey y’all!

Thanks for coming back around for this week’s blog post. We are super excited to tell you all about how to save files and find them without any issues! It can be so frustrating when you save a file from the internet or an email, and then when you look for it, it’s no where to be found! No worries, I’m here to help you out. But first, let’s talk about what’s going on in Neighborhood Nerds!

Call us!

Don’t forget, you can call us for ANYTHING you need! We are here to take care of you! Before you spend hours trying to figure something out, call your Nerds! That’s what we’re here for and we are always MORE than happy to help. We love our Neighbors, and we love to hear from you!

Social Media!

You may not know this, but Neighborhood Nerds has an Instagram (@neighborhoodnerds), a twitter (@nnerdsknox), and a Facebook page (Neighborhood Nerds). We post weekly on all accounts, and this is the best way that you can keep up with us! Don’t forget to keep checking on the blog, though. Anything important during the week will be here!

Now, let’s get into the real fun stuff… Technology!


Saving and Locating Files

Have you ever saved a file, like a photo or a document, from an email, a website, or even a program like Word or Pages? Have you ever had issues finding the files after you save them? That’s the worst! Having to go find the file again or (God Forbid!) had to rewrite the document altogether! Well, I’m here to help and make sure that never happens again. Here’s some steps to prevent that.

First of all, if you’re looking for that file, try looking in your “Downloads”.

Mac: Click on the blue file on the task bar on your computer. It has a blue arrow pointing downward. If you don’t see it in the short list of files there, click the top button that says “# more in finder”. There you go! You’re in your downloads!

PC: Click on the start button, and search for “File Explorer”. Then, in the file explorer, there is a button on the sidebar that says “downloads”, and you’re in!

If you can’t find your file in your downloads, search for it! Go to the same place you were at in your downloads and look for the “search bar”. Type in the name of your file and see it magically appear! If it doesn’t appear, you probably clicked the “Save” button and the file was named something crazy, like a huge series of numbers and letters rather than actual name. In order to avoid this, start clicking “Save As” and naming the file yourself! Then you’ll always be able to find it in the search bar!

If you have anymore issues with your technology, call or come in ASAP! We are open Mon-Sat 9-6, but you already knew that.

That’s it from us Neighbors! See you next week!

-Neighborhood Nerds

Keep Track of The Kiddos!


Howdy, Neighbors!

It’s a new week! The warm weather left just as soon as it came, but no worries, it will be back! Daylight savings might have thrown your sleep schedule out of whack, but aside from that, sit back and enjoy this blog post about how your Neighborhood Nerds can make your life easier than ever! We’re super excited to teach you about new and easy ways to monitor and limit the amount of time the kiddos spend on technology in this post. There’s so much technology out there that can make your life so much easier that you probably have never even heard of!

To kick it off, let’s talk about some statistics

First, on average, children spend about three hours per day in front of a screen, whether that be a phone, tablet, TV, etc. 95% of children have accessed the internet in the last month, and 45% of children use social networking. This may not be the social media you immediately think of, however. It may be things like Club Penguin or Youtube, but another top site is Facebook.


Now, we’re sure you’ve heard that you need to be active in monitoring your children’s internet usage. This is super important these days with the risk of personal information being shared on a public site, or with the high levels of disturbing content that can be easily accessed by anyone with internet access. Even if you’re not looking for trouble, it can find you online. We know that monitoring your kids’ online time is easier said than done, but we’ve found a tool that can help you monitor and control all of the devices in your house through your Wi-Fi super easily.


This device is called Circle. It’s made by Disney and it’s a simple and effective way to manage your kids’ internet usage! It connects to your Wi-Fi and can control any device that is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can freeze the internet at any time on any device, like during homework or when it’s time for dinner, to make sure that your kids’ focus is where it should be. You can also schedule the internet to turn off at a certain time for only certain devices, like bedtime! You can also filter out bad websites, and set time limits for specific websites as well! This puts you in complete control of the technology in your household, and keeps your children safe from trouble on the internet! It also has schedules and reminders on it that can be accessed by the whole family! It’s super cool and super easy! You can even subscribe to a service that allows you to control the devices outside of the home as well! This product retails for $99 right now, and can be bought at most stores that sell technology. The service that allows it to extend outside of the home is about $10/month. We think this is totally worth having the complete control that you deserve, and it’s way easier than adding parental restrictions on every single device in your house!


If you need help buying or setting up your Circle, call or come in to the Neighborhood Nerds and we will take care of it for you! This takes a lot of time and stress off of your hands in a world where technology is not only extremely important, but can also be EXTREMELY confusing! Let your Neighborhood Nerds make your life easier, and let us know if you try a Circle out!


See you next time, Neighbors!

March Into Moving Faster with Neighborhood Nerds


Hey Neighbors!

Welcome back to the blog! March is here, things are warming up, and the days are longer and brighter! The last thing we would want is for tech problems to cloud your beautiful days! No need to waste time fiddling with your finicky devices when you can call or visit your trusty Neighborhood Nerds! Don’t forget that we are here for everything you could ever need us for, tech and more!

Make the most of your Membership!

We are here to help you with anything and everything. We are extra Nerdy, so tech happens to be our strong suit, but if you need help or advice with other things, no problem! We can research what kind of food is best for your new puppy. This could save you a vet visit! We can receive your packages at our Member center anytime, and you can pick them up whenever you’re ready. This could save you from damaged or stolen property left on your doorstep! We can even let you know what restaurants are having Valentine’s Day events and make your reservation so that you can take your spouse on the date he/she dreams of! This could save you from a scowl across the table of Waffle House when there are no tables available at your favorite spot! We are here to help you save time and money, and we are also here to relieve your stress. We will get things done for you and we are glad to do it! We couldn’t ask for better Neighbors than our Members!


Now, here’s some info about something you or someone you know is probably struggling with:

Slow Computer And Internet

Let’s start with a slow internet

Having issues with the Internet starting up or taking forever to load pages or files? Slow internet can be caused by many different things, and, sadly, none of them are what you want to hear. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fixed! First of all, the slow internet could be due to a router issue. Those problems are usually hard to explain… but for now, make sure everything is plugged in all of the way and that there are no broken or fraying wires! Also, you may need to reposition your router somewhere else in your home. The closer you are to your router, the better your connection will be. Any problems further than that, bring it in to The Nerds! The worst cause of slow internet, but the most common, is malware and spyware. In other words, VIRUSES. Keeping up-to-date antivirus programs running will prevent this from happening to you, though. Be careful about where you browse, and watch out for emails that may be viruses. Remember to NEVER click on a suspicious link in an email!

Now onto a slow computer

If your computer is running slowly, and loading times are taking up more and more time, there are endless problems that could be causing this. Some of the resolutions are super easy! If those don’t work, though, the problem might be bigger than you thought. If these simple tips don’t help the speed of your computer, bring it in to the Nerds and let them take a look! First of all, try restarting your computer, especially if it hasn’t been restarted lately. If this doesn’t help, you may have programs running in the background that are taking up your computer’s space. You can find and remove these programs by running the Task Manager (get to this by doing a Ctrl+Alt+Delete command). This is the most common cause of a slow computer. Finally, if nothing seems to be working, you can defragment your hard drive to speed things up. If none of these are working, or if you need help with these solutions, come in and visit us and we will not only do our best to solve the problem, but also teach you how to do these simple fix-it tasks as well!

Well, that’s it from us this time, Neighbors! We can’t wait to hear from you and help you with anything and everything tech and more! We will be back soon with another blog post with some more tech tips to help you become an expert just like the Nerds!

See you next time, Neighbor!

Nerd News: Back for the New Year!


Happy New Year, from Neighborhood Nerds!


We’re happy to be back with our first blog post of the year! Our New Year’s resolution is to keep you up to date in 2018, so let’s start by highlighting a few items:

We’re not just Tech Support. We’re Life Support!

We will always be your tech-savvy, right handed platypus, but we want to remind you that we are your neighbor and friend, and we can help you with anything!

  • Want a recommendation on restaurants and have us make the reservation? Done.
  • Want us to print out those last minute UT football tickets? Done.
  • Want us to send a gift to a friend for you? Done.
  • Want birthday ideas for your 10 year old kid or grandkid? Done.

Stop by the shop or give us a call, and we will be happy to assist with whatever you need! Now, onto some important information regarding your tech lives….

Software updates

Updates can be confusing and even frustrating. People always ask, “Should I update? What’s the point of this update? What if I don’t need any of the new features?” These questions especially come up when a new iPhone (iOS) update is available.

So, should you update? And why should you update?

Almost always, we encourage doing the update. But, make sure to always backup your information first! The fixes and features that come with these updates are often processes you may not notice because they happen in the background. Nonetheless, they can be very important since the fixes can help your device run more smoothly and resolve any bugs/issues.

How do you make these updates happen?

Often, you’ll see a notification on your phone or computer telling you that a new update is available. Where you go to do the update can vary depending on the device, but a good rule of thumb is to follow the red circles or messages saying you have an update available.

If you’re unsure or simply want things to go smoothly, make sure to ask us Nerds!  We’re more than happy to help make sure your device’s information is saved and show you how to make your device update. We love to teach, so give us a call the next time you have an update, and we’ll make sure you have the knowledge to do it yourself over and over again!


That’s all for this blog post, but we’ll be back next week with a post about emails you might get and how to make simple and secure passwords! Remember that if you need help with anything, not just with technology, we’re your Neighbors who are here for you! Have a great week, and try to stay warm out there!


Neighborhood Nerds

Tech Talks: Safety Tech Tips


Hello and Happy New Year from Neighborhood Nerds HQ!

Since not everyone can make our in-office Tech Talks, we will continue to provide these online versions to let all of our neighbors and members share in our tech discussions. For the video version of this post, click here.

We get all sorts of questions at NN, but safety and security is definitely a prominent one. The more we use our computers and smartphones and the more personal information we use online, the more obvious the risks become.

How do I keep my identity safe? What can I do to be safer? Don’t worry! We have prepared some helpful tips and guidelines.

Software & Firewall

As you know by now, technology is always changing. That means by the time you are hearing this, something new as probably already happened. Your computers and smartphones are often asking you to update them. If you’re like me, these updates can be annoying, but they are very important! Admittedly, not every update is perfect, but their goals are to make your devices run smoother and keep you safer.


Software is a fancy term for anything installed on your device that helps it function. Be sure to keep it all updated! Viruses and hackers are always looking for ways in, and the people making your software are always updating it to keep them out. You’ve probably heard the term Firewall before. These days most devices have that kind of defense already in place. If you are unsure whether your computer is safe, you can always check with us.

Bottom line: Keep yourself updated!

Pop ups & Malware

Now you may have heard that a good defense is the best offense. Most of the time viruses or malware (another term for computer viruses) cannot enter your device unless you let it. If you remember the story of the Trojan horse, that’s exactly what to watch out for. Malware poses as helpful software. It pretends like your computer is already infected and it wants to help. Or maybe it acts like a program you are trying to install.


Recently we’ve seen a big influx of our members getting pop ups that say YOU ARE INFECTED and a voice coming from their computer telling them to call a number! Never call a number that pops up. And never ever give your credit card or personal info in response to a pop up, without checking with your Nerds first. Sadly, we’ve had far too many friends and neighbors infect their computer by trying to save it.


Don’t worry, if it’s happened to you, the people behind the malware are sneaky and good at what they do. When in any kind of doubt, give us a call. And, if your computer has gotten or does get infected, we know what to do.

Password & Personal Info

These days more and more sites are asking for your personal information. Sometimes it’s impossible to do anything without entering your name, email, and birthday.

Although you can’t always avoid giving your info up, you can decide who to give it to. Don’t give too much personal info to a pop up. You may be asked to make an account or give your email to view a certain page or news article, when faced with that decision, make sure it’s a site you trust and it’s worth it to you. When in doubt, call us. A few minutes to double check, could save you a world of frustration!


If you are going to create an account, having a good password is the best protection you can give yourself. We at NN have some suggestions that may help you!

First off, instead of thinking of a “password” we encourage you to think of a “passphrase” not only is a combination of words more secure, but it also is easier to remember! If you want to take it a few steps further, you can add some special characters (like an = sign or a % sign) or make up a special system based on what the passphrase is for. For example, if I were making up a passphrase for my Gmail I could do something like “ilovemycats=G”. I have my base passphrase, a special character, and a capital G for Gmail. I could make it “ilovecats=C” for Comcast or “ilovecats=K” for KUB, and so on.

Now if memorizing your passwords and phrases is getting harder and harder, there’s a safe, useful tool called Dashlane that stores all your password on your computer (and can even automatically fill them into their respective sites.


The Back Up

Last but definitely not least, Backing Up.

As you know, things can go wrong, accidents can happen, technology can fail. Whether it’s a computer malfunction or malware infection, the information and data on your devices isn’t always guaranteed to be there. Backing up your devices is an invaluable step you can take to ensure your safety. If all else fails, a back up can be the difference between reclaiming your data or having it lost forever.


Buying an external hard drive and doing weekly (or even daily) back ups ensures that your computer and your files are always safe!

Hopefully this Tech Talk gave you some good tips and practices to help your internet and computer use a little safer.

If you still have questions, give us a call or setup a one-to-one with our Nerds. We’re always happy to help. Be sure you let us know what other topics you have questions about, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Tech Talks: Holiday Tech Tips


Hello again from Neighborhood Nerds HQ!

This is Tyler bringing you a special tech talk holiday edition. This week, I’ll be sharing some holiday tech tips we think will make your life a little easier.

Your Devices

I LOVE Christmas, but one of my saddest Christmas memories was opening a new toy, only to find that my parents had forgotten to buy batteries. In fact, I’m feeling sad just thinking about that again.

By this point most of you have already learned your “battery lesson”, but have you applied the same lesson to your new tech devices?

Many devices, phones, tablets, or computers can have a decent amount of setup required before you (or a loved one) can enjoy them. Back-ups, updates, setup, and even charging can put a quick damper on Christmas morning excitement.


If you’re giving a tech gift this holiday season, consider letting us Nerds make sure it’s ready to rock and roll!

Video Chat

If you’re like me, you probably have family in all different places, and in case you won’t get to see everyone you love over the holidays, never fear, video chat is here.

Whether it’s through your computer, tablet, or phone, you probably have some kind of device that allows you to video chat. Apps like FaceTime and Skype allow you to have a video call with someone who has the same program or application.


Depending on what kind of device you are working with, setting up (and getting comfortable) with video chat can be a little tricky but totally achievable. Don’t wait until Christmas morning to try and figure it out!

You may be used to a normal phone call, but nothing can replace getting to see your smiling kids or grandkids in their santa pajamas. Setup a one-to-one with our Nerds, so you can get confident making video calls whenever you want!

Travel Smart

Some of you may be traveling to see your family and friends this holiday. As you probably know by now, there are thousands of travel apps and tools to make your experience easier – the only problem is choosing which ones to use!

Before you book a flight, hotel, or car be sure you go deal hunting! One of the best travel sites (and apps), is It uses tons of other sites and tools to scour the web and find the best deals and options. It will even give you a side by side comparison of competitors prices (like Expedia and Priceline).


Now if you’re visiting somewhere, but you aren’t a big fan of hotels, there’s a new trend of house renting that may be perfect for you! Websites like AirBnb or VRBO allow people to rent out rooms or whole houses.


Often cheaper and more homey than a hotel room, staying this way could be a great new option for your travels. Renting a whole house is perfect if you’re traveling with multiple people, you get the privacy and space to gather together and not worry about all the details and nuisance of hotels!

Photo Apps

With the holidays, comes the inevitable holiday pictures, and unless you happen to have a professional photographer in the house, you’ll probably be taking those photos with your smartphone.

These days, you can get a smartphone picture to look pretty dang good. Photo editing apps like VSCO Cam allow you to make changes to color, saturation, contrast, and more. Although it does require a little finesse, most photo editing apps have built in “filters” that automatically apply certain actions to your photos to make them look better.


And where do these great photos go when you’re done with them? Well first, they’ll obviously be saved on your phone, but you’ll probably want to share them with your family and friends. We at Neighborhoods Nerds love Google Photos for this very reason.


When you download the Google Photos app on your phone, every photo you take is automatically uploaded to the internet (privately), so you can easily share the photos you’ve taken with whoever you choose! With Google Photos, you don’t have to worry about running out of photo storage space. How great is that?


You don’t always here us Nerds say “unplug”, but when it comes to holiday family time, nothing is more important than being together! We promise your gadgets and gizmos will be right where you left them.

And we’ll be here too, happy to help you before and after the holidays with setting up, understanding, and utilizing new tech and old.

From all of us at Neighborhood Nerds, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

See you next year!

Tech Talks: Tyler’s Favorite Tech


Hello again from Neighborhood Nerds HQ. This is Tyler bringing you part 2 of Our Favorite Technology series. If you want to watch the video version of this post, just click HERE.

In case you missed our last post, we got to see some of Tommy’s favorite technology, and this week, I’ll tell you about three pieces of tech that I use almost every day. These are devices that make my life easier and have the Nerds stamp of approval.

iPhone 6

This day and age, if you don’t have a smartphone, then it’s probably only a matter of time before you will. As our phones get smarter, they are being used for more and more things.

Now your phone does so much beyond just calling: texting, taking photos, emails, listening to music, the internet, GPS, games, ebooks – you name it, it can probably do it. That’s why, I put my iPhone 6 at the top of my favorite tech list!


My phone is like a third hand. And as much as I run the risk of using it TOO much, it also makes my life tremendously easier. In seconds I can look up a restaurant near by, I can check in on a friend through a text, I can send a quick email without getting out my laptop, I can listen to my favorite music or I can take and send photos to my mom, so she knows I’m still eating.

All of these features and more are at my fingertips. Now they say great power means great responsibility. It’s important to find a smartphone that suits your needs and to learn how to use whatever phone you have the best you can! When you do that, these smartphones can be your best friend. For me, as an Apple lover, the iPhone is irreplaceable.

With the iPhone 6s already out and the iPhone 7 inevitably coming, we will continue to create Tech Talks to keep you informed and up to date!

Learn more about iPhones here.

Apple TV

With Apple on the brain, we might as well move on to my next tech: the Apple TV.

The Apple TV is a small box that plugs directly into your TV and gives you access to a whole range or apps and services. Have you heard of Netflix or Hulu? These monthly services let you watch all sorts of TV shows and movies on demand! Instead of being stuck watching whatever is on the TV, you now have control. It would be like if someone had recorded your favorite shows for you, now you can select the show and the episode and watch whenever you want. Don’t worry if you have more questions on these streaming services like Netflix, we will be posting a Tech Talk on that soon!apple-tv-hero

The Apple TV makes using these kinds of services as easy as can be. I can watch my favorite shows, I can rent movies, I can even listen to music. For my wife and I, the Apple TV is our entertainment hub. We don’t pay for cable at all these days, only the internet, and for that reason, the Apple TV definitely makes it on my favorite tech list.

With a new Apple TV just released, this little box is only getting better and better.

Learn more about the Apple TV here.

Karma Go

Are you someone who travels a lot or finds yourself without Wifi often? If so, this next item, may pique your interest. Introducing the Karma Go. This little device may look small but it packs a big punch. The Karma Go uses cell towers to deliver wireless internet for me when I’m on the go.


I’m on my laptop ALOT, but I’m not always in a place that has good internet. Whether it’s a busy coffee shop or I wanted to go sit in the park and work, all I have to do is pull out my Karma Go and PRESTO – internet.

Unlike a lot of internet services out there, the Karma GO does NOT have a monthly fee. Instead you “fill it up” like you would a gas tank. You pay to put a certain amount of data usage in it then just use it at your leisure. In my travels and working from different places, the Karma GO has saved my butt many times. Thank you Karma go!

Learn more about the Karma Go here.

So there you have it, 3 pieces of technology that I love to use and recommend to all. If you are curious about any of these devices, please let us at Neighborhood Nerds know! Thanks for watching this Part 2 of Our Favorite Tech series. See ya next time.

That’s all folks!

Tech Talks: Tommy’s Favorite Tech


Hello from Neighborhood Nerds HQ! In the coming months, not only will we continue to give Tech Talks at our office, but we will be sharing shortened versions of them online through videos and blog posts. To watch the video for this post, just follow this link:

And just in time for the holiday season, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tech with you.

These days, there is an endless amount of new technology. Even us Nerds can have a hard time keeping up. That’s why we wanted to take a second to tell you about some of our favorite tech, and let you get to know our nerds a little bit more.

Here are some apps, tools, and gadgets we love to use (or want for Christmas)!

The first Nerd on our list is Tommy. As busy as Tommy can be, any technology that helps him be more productive and makes life simpler is technology worth exploring.


MOTO 360 Smartwatch

If you’ve seen Tommy, you may have noticed his fancy watch. It’s name is the MOTO 360 Smartwatch. Smartwatches connect with your phone to provide you quick access to your notifications and select apps. For people who live life on the go and find digging into your pocket after every buzz a real nuisance, a smartwatch is for you.


Tommy’s Moto 360 connects with his android phone, but if you’re an Apple user, they’ve also just released their own version.

Learn more about the Moto 360 here.

Logitech Harmony Remote

Next up on Tommy’s tech list is the Logitech Harmony Remote.

If you’re like us, your house is collecting its fair share of gadgets and devices. Gone are the days of turning the TV on and sitting down to watch. Probably, you have about 10 buttons to push first.

If that’s a problem for you, The Logitech Harmony Remote is the solution. It’s the smartest remote you can find. Not only can it be programmed to become a one-stop shop for your whole entertainment setup, but it can also connect to your phone, your coffee pot, and your AC. harmony-one-5

Now, you may not have have smart appliances yet, but if you are thinking about upgrading one day, or you have to many entertainment devices to keep up with, this is the one for you.

And this is one remote you don’t want to lose in the couch.

Learn more about the Logitech Harmony Remote here.

August Smart Lock

And speaking of new smart devices in your home, there’s a new piece of tech out there that will blow your mind. It’s at the top of Tommy’s Christmas list: the August Smart Lock.

Imagine never having to leave a key under the mat. The Smart Lock gives you more control of your front door than you ever dreamed you wanted. You know in the movies where you can look at your phone and see who is at the door or when only certain people are granted access? All these things are possible and more!


Equipped with wireless locking system, phone control, doorbell camera, entry codes, and even notifications of who is coming and going, the August Smart Lock has it ALL. Being able to look at your phone to see if the front door is locked, may be worth it in and of itself.

Although a little pricier, the August Smart Lock may be a new tech to look into if access to your home is something you want more control over!

Learn more about the August Smart Lock here.

COIN Credit Card

Last on the list today is the COIN credit card. Like a lot of Tommy’s favorite tech this is some cutting edge stuff. The COIN is a smart credit card that stores all your cards into one. Shaped (and sized) like a normal card, you can choose the card you want with a click of a button. And in case you’re wondering, yes it is safe and secure.


For those who have your fair share of credit cards, the COIN could be some great tech to explore!

Learn more about the COIN credit card here.

We hope you learned about some new tech today and maybe got to know Tommy a little better.

Join us next time as we share more of our favorite tech from other members of the Neighborhood Nerd team.

That’s all folks.