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Howdy, Neighbors!

It’s a new week! The warm weather left just as soon as it came, but no worries, it will be back! Daylight savings might have thrown your sleep schedule out of whack, but aside from that, sit back and enjoy this blog post about how your Neighborhood Nerds can make your life easier than ever! We’re super excited to teach you about new and easy ways to monitor and limit the amount of time the kiddos spend on technology in this post. There’s so much technology out there that can make your life so much easier that you probably have never even heard of!

To kick it off, let’s talk about some statistics

First, on average, children spend about three hours per day in front of a screen, whether that be a phone, tablet, TV, etc. 95% of children have accessed the internet in the last month, and 45% of children use social networking. This may not be the social media you immediately think of, however. It may be things like Club Penguin or Youtube, but another top site is Facebook.


Now, we’re sure you’ve heard that you need to be active in monitoring your children’s internet usage. This is super important these days with the risk of personal information being shared on a public site, or with the high levels of disturbing content that can be easily accessed by anyone with internet access. Even if you’re not looking for trouble, it can find you online. We know that monitoring your kids’ online time is easier said than done, but we’ve found a tool that can help you monitor and control all of the devices in your house through your Wi-Fi super easily.


This device is called Circle. It’s made by Disney and it’s a simple and effective way to manage your kids’ internet usage! It connects to your Wi-Fi and can control any device that is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can freeze the internet at any time on any device, like during homework or when it’s time for dinner, to make sure that your kids’ focus is where it should be. You can also schedule the internet to turn off at a certain time for only certain devices, like bedtime! You can also filter out bad websites, and set time limits for specific websites as well! This puts you in complete control of the technology in your household, and keeps your children safe from trouble on the internet! It also has schedules and reminders on it that can be accessed by the whole family! It’s super cool and super easy! You can even subscribe to a service that allows you to control the devices outside of the home as well! This product retails for $99 right now, and can be bought at most stores that sell technology. The service that allows it to extend outside of the home is about $10/month. We think this is totally worth having the complete control that you deserve, and it’s way easier than adding parental restrictions on every single device in your house!


If you need help buying or setting up your Circle, call or come in to the Neighborhood Nerds and we will take care of it for you! This takes a lot of time and stress off of your hands in a world where technology is not only extremely important, but can also be EXTREMELY confusing! Let your Neighborhood Nerds make your life easier, and let us know if you try a Circle out!


See you next time, Neighbors!

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