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We just wanted to drop a little bit of information out there for those of you who order a lot of products online. As you may know, Amazon is quickly becoming the best place to shop online for anything from movies and video games, to shoes and curtains, and in the past couple of years, they have gotten even better. Amazon offers a service that they label “Amazon Prime”, which makes one of the detriments of online ordering a thing of the past: shipping to be specific.

Amazon Prime gives its subscribers free two-day shipping on any item sold by Amazon or its Amazon-certified partners. As a user of Amazon Prime for two years now, I cannot stress how amazing the service is; not only is the service very affordable, but much of the time, I will order an item and receive it before the second business day has even arrived. For businesses, the service is also a huge benefit and is something that Neighborhood Nerds uses nearly everyday when we need to order equipment and supplies for the shop. Prime is $79/year, which equates to less than $7/month! For students, Amazon Student is $39 a year for up to four years.


  • Free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items
  • $3.99 upgrade to overnight shipping
  • Discounts on recurring subscription items (vitamins, magazines, etc.)
  • Free access to Amazon Movie and TV streaming service
  • Free access to over 300,000 Kindle ebooks, exclusive to Prime members
  • Amazon Prime Student offers further discounts on textbooks and supplies
  • Amazon Prime Mom offers discounts on family-needs items

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Happy shopping!

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