Watch Out for Ransomware


You may have heard of scareware, the type of malware that tries to panic you into buying a product that won’t really fix your computer. But one type of malware that has been more prevalent in the news recently is something called randomsware. It’s kind of scary — here’s an example of what might pop up if you have ransomware on your desktop:




As you can see, instead of requesting that you buy a bogus product to fix bogus viruses, ransomware actually locks your computer with an intimidating lie and asks you to make a direct payment.

To avoid junk like ransomware on your computer, make sure to keep your Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials up to date. And if you see anything like this on your computer, don’t be scared — just call Neighborhood Nerds!

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  1. Tommy Nguyen says:

    Great stuff! This will definitely help me out.

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