A Helping Hand: How the Neighborhood Nerds Can Help With Small Business Technology Needs


It’s true, everyone needs a Nerd in their life! This includes small business owners. The Neighborhood Nerds were never intended to replace real IT companies who serve business clients for enterprise-level support. However, these smart young college kids are power users of technology! They are great at troubleshooting and problem-solving. Over the years, we have been able to help with small business technology needs. From coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to troubleshooting various pieces of technology. Our Nerds have always been able to help our members out in any way they could. 

One member, in particular, was in the construction industry. He had a Neighborhood Nerds membership for his home, but he also wanted to add a membership for his business. He loved the out-of-the-box thinking mentality that the Nerds have, so he immediately signed up for the membership. One of his first requests was to find a way to share construction photos with the whole team. They wanted to be able to take the photos at the construction site and share them with the team at the office. Our Nerds set up an iCloud account for the team so they could connect their iPhones with the Apple TV in the office. This way, they could share the photos from their phone with the rest of the team almost instantly. It was also a good way to keep all the photos from their various projects organized and easy to access for everyone. These photos could also be shared with potential clients. Reaching out to potential clients is a great way to provide help with small business technology needs. 

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Our member was extremely pleased with the Nerds solution, and he has been a happy member ever since. We can help with small business technology needs. Become a Neighborhood Nerds member today! 

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