What Makes Someone a Nerd? The Neighborhood Nerds Weigh In


Nowadays, being a nerd has a different meaning than it did years ago! At Neighborhood Nerds, we see it as an endearing term. So, what makes someone a nerd? Nerds are intelligent folks, and our Nerds use their intelligence to help others. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all caring individuals. Neighborhood Nerds members can tell you all about it! 

One day, we had a mom come to the member center with her young son. She said he was getting picked on at school for wearing glasses and the other kids were calling him a nerd. They came into the member center to get work done on an iPad. One of our Nerds, Tyler, helped them. The little boy told Tyler about being picked on at school for being a nerd. Tyler told him to be proud of who he is and that being a nerd isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After Tyler talked to him, the little boy seemed to be much more confident. It was one of the most heartwarming experiences we’ve had at the member center. 

So…what makes someone a nerd? Our nerds are:

  • Empathetic and caring: They do their best to help others, and sometimes they save lives!
  • Intelligent: Our Nerds are always looking for the best solution. If they don’t know something, then they will do research until they do! 
  • Passionate: Although most of our Nerds love technology, some of them also love the arts. They are passionate about different subjects across a broad spectrum.
  • Determined: These problem-solvers won’t quit until the job is done! 

All of these makes someone a nerd, and that’s not a bad thing! Looking for a team of Nerds to help you with your technology needs. Join a network of Neighborhood Nerds members and have tech support anytime you need it! 

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