How Can I Find My Lost Pet? Call the Neighborhood Nerds!


Howdy Neighbors, it’s Gizmo here, and I want to tell you about how helpful the Neighborhood Nerds are. When people think of the Neighborhood Nerds, they think of tech support. And, while it’s true we provide outstanding technical support to a large membership, what people don’t know is we do so much more than that. Over the last seven years, our team has helped members locate their lost pets on at least six different occasions. That’s right! When our members were in a time of need, the Nerds were able to help them. That’s what it’s all about! Helping others when they need us the most.

One specific occasion where the Nerds were especially helpful was when a member lost her dog, Fluffy. She called the Nerds and asked for help. The dog had been missing for a few hours. Right away, our team got to work printing flyers with Fluffy’s photo on them and hung them on the telephone poles in the neighborhood. We also sent out a nerd alert to the team with a photo of Fluffy. To try and get the word out, the Nerds posted a photo of Fluffy in the Facebook group for the neighborhood. Finally, someone contacted us that Fluffy had been found! 

The member had to go to a doctor’s appointment, so the Nerds went and picked up Fluffy and brought him back to the member center. At the member center we have some dog treats, and we also have water bowls for dogs. So, Fluffy had a drink of water and a couple of treats and just hung out for a few hours at the member center until his owner came back by after her doctor’s appointment and picked him up. Everyone was so relieved when owner and pet were reunited at last!

“I Need to Find My Lost Pet” – Here’s How We Can Help:

  • Create and print flyers for your lost pet
  • Send out a nerd alert to our team so everyone is working to find the lost pet
  • Post on the neighborhood’s Facebook group
  • Search the neighborhood for the lost pet
  • Create a plan of action for finding a lost pet and implement a solution 

So, in the future, if you’re ever thinking to yourself, “how can I find my lost pet?” Then you can call the Neighborhood Nerds and we will put a plan into action. We care about our members, and we know how much their furry friends mean to them! Until next time, this is Gizmo signing out. 

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