Back to School Blues!


Howdy Neighbors! Welcome back to the blog!

We have so much to catch up on, and we would love to hear from you about how your Summer was!

As you may have seen, our Sequoyah Hills Member Center is being remodeled. That doesn’t mean your Nerds aren’t working! We Are! Call or email us with whatever you may need and we will get it done. We are doing everything we can to be the best Nerds we can be for our Members. We are still here for you and we aren’t going anywhere!

Now, let’s talk about some fun Back to School tools that you can use to help your kids or grandkids stay on track this semester!

If your child is struggling with certain subjects and seems to be falling behind, it may be time to consider hiring a tutor. You may have heard of, and how you can find a babysitter using their app and website. Well, did you know that they also offer a tutoring service? You can log on and list your child’s needs, and will find a tutor that is a perfect fit! Living in a town like Knoxville means that you can find well educated and well rounded tutors to help your kids succeed in their academic life. You also set your own rates and tutoring time, so it is more cost efficient AND convenient than a tutoring service like Sylvan. (Sylvan is another effective service however, and matches your child up with a professional for more rigorous tutoring!) If your child seems to be falling behind, be sure to catch it early and get some help! It will definitely pay off in the long run.
Let’s not forget about a huge sale that happens every year! For all of our Mac users, this is an exciting one! Apple has a Back to School sale every year, which gets you up to $200 off of select items AND you can get a free pair of wireless Beats headphones with any purchase!! WOAH. This deal is only available at the Apple Store, though. Buying your Apple products at Best Buy is usually cheaper, BUT you won’t get those free headphones!
Last but not least, I would recommend buying a nice planner for your Back to School kiddos. Keeping all of the classes, homework, tests, etc. in order during the hectic school year is HARD. Staying organized is one of the best habits that can be picked up earlier rather than later! Maybe, if you have some older kids, invest in a book about decluttering or keeping your school life in order. Learning how to stay organized will help students better succeed for the rest of their school life and future careers!
Thanks for stopping by to read, Neighbors! We hope you had an awesome Summer and that you were able to BEAT the HEAT! We can’t wait to hear from you, even if it means something’s got you down. We love to help and pick you back up!
See you soon, Neighbors!

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