Neighborhood Nerds 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Looking for the perfect gift for the techie in your family? Each year, holiday shopping gets harder and harder, especially as new technology comes out. But, don’t fret! We’ve come up with a list of the latest tech that anyone would love to own. The tech that was chosen for this gift guide helps with daily life. 

Ring Doorbell 

With the Ring Doorbell, people can get extra security at their door. They can answer the door from anywhere, and get instant alerts when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. This is a great way for people to monitor packages or other important items left on their porch. 

Sonos Speakers

Experience crystal clear sound with Sonos speakers. Give the gift of the ultimate wireless home sound system to someone this holiday season. 

Orbi (mesh Wi-Fi)

The Orbi Wi-Fi systems provide the strongest Wi-Fi signal and ensure there are no dead zones for the user. It provides coverage for up to 5,000 sq. ft. and 25 + devices. 

Ring Cameras and Security Systems 

Looking to give someone peace of mind this holiday season? Give them a ring camera and security system. These security cameras can detect when someone is at the door and alert you. It’s one of the best security systems on the market. 

If you’re interested in any of the products listed above, you can order directly through your account manager. The products below can be found online or at major retailers. 

Home Automation Appliances 

These days, home automation appliances are very popular. Almost every home has one. They can help you complete various tasks by voice command including calling someone, updating your calendar, turning the lights on/off, etc. 

Game Consoles/Games

There are lots of really great games and game consoles on the market. The Nintendo Switch is a popular option for teenagers and people in their 20s. They have classic games like Mario Kart and Zelda. Do some research and see what game console the person you are buying for would enjoy the most. Some popular consoles include: 

Apple Arcade 

Know someone interested in video games? You can sign them up for a subscription to Apple Arcade. With the subscription, they’ll have access to 100 + new games. 

Music Streaming Subscription 

Need to buy a gift for a music lover? Give them the gift of a music streaming subscription this Christmas. You can purchase a 1-year subscription for services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. 

Already have some of these items under the tree? Our Nerds are all trained to help our Neighborhood Members install and set up a wide variety of home technology and appliances. Give us a call today!


  1. Frank Gray says:


    I am glad that you all have addressed some of the reasons that I found it necessary to exit your services after many years as an early member. I am considering rejoining and have two questions:
    * What is the fee structure for in-home services and installation?
    * Are you available to install, activate and instruct in IT and A/V equipment both purchased through you as well as from other sources?

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