The Neighborhood Nerds Offer Much More Than Just Technology Help for Seniors!


Often times, seniors ask us what exactly the Neighborhood Nerds do. It’s true, we are a membership service serving the Knoxville, TN area that offers technology help for seniors; however, we offer so much more than that!

The services the Neighborhood Nerds offers our members is something different for each person. For some members, they love coming to the Member Center to get work done and have a cup of coffee. For others, it’s getting help from the Inside Nerds to recover photo albums from their vacations

Some really enjoy getting help from the Outside Nerds who can give them a ride to the store or help them grocery shop. 

The Remote Help Nerds are also very helpful because they can call our members and check to see how their week went. Each day, we offer our members help with a variety of different things. 

The great thing about the Nerds is that we can offer technology help for seniors, but we can also offer advice, transportation, companionship, and more! There really is no limit to how we can help our members. 

Do you find yourself in need of help with technology, everyday tasks, and other various things? A Neighborhood Nerds membership just might be the perfect thing for you! Find out how you can become a Neighborhood Nerds member today! 

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