How Do I Recover Deleted Photos? The Neighborhood Nerds Know the Answer!


Sometimes our most precious possessions can be things we wouldn’t expect. Digital photos can carry a lot of meaning for people. They can serve as a way for us to remember the ones we love the most. But, what happens when you accidentally delete photos that you need. If you’re asking yourself, “How do I recover deleted photos,” then this Neighborhood Nerds member story is for you: 

How Do I Recover Deleted Photos?

One time, the Nerds helped a member whose mother had passed away. The member wanted the background image on her iPhone of her and her mother because she wanted to get it printed for her mother’s funeral. The file couldn’t be found anywhere on her phone. She trusted the Nerds to recover the deleted photo from her phone. 

In the end, they were able to find software that recovered the phone’s hidden files. They extracted the image file and got it printed at Walgreens. By the time the member returned, the Nerds already got a frame for the photo. 

The member was very emotional when she saw the final product and was very appreciative of the Nerds for their help. 

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