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Hello from Neighborhood Nerds HQ! In the coming months, not only will we continue to give Tech Talks at our office, but we will be sharing shortened versions of them online through videos and blog posts. To watch the video for this post, just follow this link:

And just in time for the holiday season, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tech with you.

These days, there is an endless amount of new technology. Even us Nerds can have a hard time keeping up. That’s why we wanted to take a second to tell you about some of our favorite tech, and let you get to know our nerds a little bit more.

Here are some apps, tools, and gadgets we love to use (or want for Christmas)!

The first Nerd on our list is Tommy. As busy as Tommy can be, any technology that helps him be more productive and makes life simpler is technology worth exploring.


MOTO 360 Smartwatch

If you’ve seen Tommy, you may have noticed his fancy watch. It’s name is the MOTO 360 Smartwatch. Smartwatches connect with your phone to provide you quick access to your notifications and select apps. For people who live life on the go and find digging into your pocket after every buzz a real nuisance, a smartwatch is for you.


Tommy’s Moto 360 connects with his android phone, but if you’re an Apple user, they’ve also just released their own version.

Learn more about the Moto 360 here.

Logitech Harmony Remote

Next up on Tommy’s tech list is the Logitech Harmony Remote.

If you’re like us, your house is collecting its fair share of gadgets and devices. Gone are the days of turning the TV on and sitting down to watch. Probably, you have about 10 buttons to push first.

If that’s a problem for you, The Logitech Harmony Remote is the solution. It’s the smartest remote you can find. Not only can it be programmed to become a one-stop shop for your whole entertainment setup, but it can also connect to your phone, your coffee pot, and your AC. harmony-one-5

Now, you may not have have smart appliances yet, but if you are thinking about upgrading one day, or you have to many entertainment devices to keep up with, this is the one for you.

And this is one remote you don’t want to lose in the couch.

Learn more about the Logitech Harmony Remote here.

August Smart Lock

And speaking of new smart devices in your home, there’s a new piece of tech out there that will blow your mind. It’s at the top of Tommy’s Christmas list: the August Smart Lock.

Imagine never having to leave a key under the mat. The Smart Lock gives you more control of your front door than you ever dreamed you wanted. You know in the movies where you can look at your phone and see who is at the door or when only certain people are granted access? All these things are possible and more!


Equipped with wireless locking system, phone control, doorbell camera, entry codes, and even notifications of who is coming and going, the August Smart Lock has it ALL. Being able to look at your phone to see if the front door is locked, may be worth it in and of itself.

Although a little pricier, the August Smart Lock may be a new tech to look into if access to your home is something you want more control over!

Learn more about the August Smart Lock here.

COIN Credit Card

Last on the list today is the COIN credit card. Like a lot of Tommy’s favorite tech this is some cutting edge stuff. The COIN is a smart credit card that stores all your cards into one. Shaped (and sized) like a normal card, you can choose the card you want with a click of a button. And in case you’re wondering, yes it is safe and secure.


For those who have your fair share of credit cards, the COIN could be some great tech to explore!

Learn more about the COIN credit card here.

We hope you learned about some new tech today and maybe got to know Tommy a little better.

Join us next time as we share more of our favorite tech from other members of the Neighborhood Nerd team.

That’s all folks.

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