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Hello again from Neighborhood Nerds HQ. This is Tyler bringing you part 2 of Our Favorite Technology series. If you want to watch the video version of this post, just click HERE.

In case you missed our last post, we got to see some of Tommy’s favorite technology, and this week, I’ll tell you about three pieces of tech that I use almost every day. These are devices that make my life easier and have the Nerds stamp of approval.

iPhone 6

This day and age, if you don’t have a smartphone, then it’s probably only a matter of time before you will. As our phones get smarter, they are being used for more and more things.

Now your phone does so much beyond just calling: texting, taking photos, emails, listening to music, the internet, GPS, games, ebooks – you name it, it can probably do it. That’s why, I put my iPhone 6 at the top of my favorite tech list!


My phone is like a third hand. And as much as I run the risk of using it TOO much, it also makes my life tremendously easier. In seconds I can look up a restaurant near by, I can check in on a friend through a text, I can send a quick email without getting out my laptop, I can listen to my favorite music or I can take and send photos to my mom, so she knows I’m still eating.

All of these features and more are at my fingertips. Now they say great power means great responsibility. It’s important to find a smartphone that suits your needs and to learn how to use whatever phone you have the best you can! When you do that, these smartphones can be your best friend. For me, as an Apple lover, the iPhone is irreplaceable.

With the iPhone 6s already out and the iPhone 7 inevitably coming, we will continue to create Tech Talks to keep you informed and up to date!

Learn more about iPhones here.

Apple TV

With Apple on the brain, we might as well move on to my next tech: the Apple TV.

The Apple TV is a small box that plugs directly into your TV and gives you access to a whole range or apps and services. Have you heard of Netflix or Hulu? These monthly services let you watch all sorts of TV shows and movies on demand! Instead of being stuck watching whatever is on the TV, you now have control. It would be like if someone had recorded your favorite shows for you, now you can select the show and the episode and watch whenever you want. Don’t worry if you have more questions on these streaming services like Netflix, we will be posting a Tech Talk on that soon!apple-tv-hero

The Apple TV makes using these kinds of services as easy as can be. I can watch my favorite shows, I can rent movies, I can even listen to music. For my wife and I, the Apple TV is our entertainment hub. We don’t pay for cable at all these days, only the internet, and for that reason, the Apple TV definitely makes it on my favorite tech list.

With a new Apple TV just released, this little box is only getting better and better.

Learn more about the Apple TV here.

Karma Go

Are you someone who travels a lot or finds yourself without Wifi often? If so, this next item, may pique your interest. Introducing the Karma Go. This little device may look small but it packs a big punch. The Karma Go uses cell towers to deliver wireless internet for me when I’m on the go.


I’m on my laptop ALOT, but I’m not always in a place that has good internet. Whether it’s a busy coffee shop or I wanted to go sit in the park and work, all I have to do is pull out my Karma Go and PRESTO – internet.

Unlike a lot of internet services out there, the Karma GO does NOT have a monthly fee. Instead you “fill it up” like you would a gas tank. You pay to put a certain amount of data usage in it then just use it at your leisure. In my travels and working from different places, the Karma GO has saved my butt many times. Thank you Karma go!

Learn more about the Karma Go here.

So there you have it, 3 pieces of technology that I love to use and recommend to all. If you are curious about any of these devices, please let us at Neighborhood Nerds know! Thanks for watching this Part 2 of Our Favorite Tech series. See ya next time.

That’s all folks!

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