The End of Windows XP: What it means to you


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A while back, Microsoft announced that they would officially stop supporting XP on the 8th of April this year. For those who haven’t had to deal with an operating system being pushed out of operation, this can be a scary prospect. Here at the Nerds, we want to be the first to reassure and explain exactly what this means for those of you that still run Windows XP.

The Facts

  • For starters, on the 8th of April when XP is discontinued, it doesn’t mean that your computer will stop working; on the contrary, XP will continue to function “normally” at face value.
  • Microsoft will no longer be putting out software and security updates for the operating system, thus leaving anyone who uses XP in a dangerous position. As we all have become all too familiar through experiences with Comcast, ATT, and Target (among others), hackers are always finding ways to uncover loopholes in security.
  • With Microsoft no longer plugging those loopholes in XP it is not the best idea to continue using the discontinued operating system in today’s ever-connected world.

Luckily, we at the Nerds have planned for this and we wish to initiate this plan by helping those that still have XP move forward to Windows 7, and we have two different tactics to accomplish this for our neighbors!

Upgrading Your Existing PC to Windows 7

For those with computers that were either high-end when they bought their Windows XP computers, or for those who bought them near the tail end of when XP was sold on computers, you may be able to simply upgrade the Operating System. This process entails installing the upgrade much like installing a program. Many of your existing programs will work on Windows 7 and most of the time, your user data will transfer without any problems (this would include your pictures, documents, music, etc). Not sure if your machine can run Windows 7? No problem, just give us a call at 865-622-2422 or shoot us an email at support at and we can let you know!

Purchasing a New PC with Windows 7

For those that have older XP computers, a new PC is going to be the option for you. The difficulty with buying PCs in-stores that have Windows 7 lies in the fact that Best Buy, Staples, and almost everyone else wants to sell Windows 8 machines, which we at the Nerds don’t recommend at this time. PCs that run Windows 7 can still be found, and the Nerds specialize in hunting down those Windows 7 PCs that fit your specific needs. We’ll even get the new PC up and running with your old documents, pictures, music, and all those other files that you hold dear.

What This Means for Businesses

For those of our clients who are business members, we also have an action plan in place for you as well. We will update your computer systems with the same options, through either upgrade or replacement, in a rapid manner. We will also help upgrade your vital programs to run in the new Windows 7 environment, whether that requires a new version or a simple update. More importantly, we will achieve both functions efficiently and through the most affordable means possible.


No matter which boat you’re in, moving on from XP is going to be a necessary switch to ensure that you’re able to use contemporary software and protect yourself in an always-online world. Don’t worry though because you’ve got the Nerds on your side to help make the step with you! Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have any questions about your computer and the steps you can take!

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