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We all know how much of a pain it is to unsubscribe from those pesky emails that you never quite remember how you became subscribed to in the first place. Whether it’s Macy’s sales emails or the numerous political ad emails that seem to always make their way into your inbox, they’re all cumbersome to get rid of. There is a better way now though, with a couple of sites that the Nerds have been testing: www.unroll.me and www.justdelete.me.


What unroll.me does is take your email account of choice and scans to see what that email address is currently subscribing to. The Nerds have tested it out with multiple emails and, while it’s not perfect, it works remarkably well. With a few exceptions, unroll.me found the majority of items that were known to be subscribed to for our emails; it did not find a few items that I know I’m personally subscribed to, but the count for those were less than a handful. What’s great about the process is that it provides an itemized list of all the items your email is currently subscribed to, so that you have the ability to choose which newsletters you still want to be enrolled in. We’ve included a quick snapshot of the entire process to offer a quick guide, along with a good idea of how seamless the process is.



Clicking the Get Started Now button moves you to the email entry page


On the second step of the process, the email is entered and then the password for that email

The final step involves a quick two-minute scan that pulls up a list of all the items the email is currently subscribed to

The final step involves a quick two-minute scan that pulls up a list of all the items the email is currently subscribed to

So in three easy steps, your inbox can be cleaned pretty thoroughly from all the junk that you’d rather not get daily emails from.


Justdelete.me offers a different service but one that is equally as important: a quick guide to see the process of deleting your account from sites ranging from Amazon and Facebook, all the way to Channel 4. The process isn’t as clear cut but the site walks you through the nuances of each site’s account removal process, even telling you which accounts are “impossible” to delete.


The front page of the site pulls up a list of all the sites currently with a guide on how to delete the respective account


Clicking on the “Show Info” button or searching for a specific site in the search bar will provide the methods to delete the account, with some offering direct links to delete the account

As always, if you have any further questions on how to operate either of the different sites that we discussed today, feel free to call or stop by the shop, as we’d be happy to help through any of the processes mentioned. 


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