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Where are the Nerds?!?!?!?

We’ve received a few calls asking, “Where’s Neighborhood Nerds?” “Did you guys close?” “Can I still get help?”

We haven’t gone anywhere. We’re still here caring for Members every day. We’ve just TEMPORARILY closed our Sequoyah Hills Member Center for remodeling. It’s been open now for 6 years and needs new paint, flooring, bathrooms, furniture, etc. Also, we’re taking this time to make some adjustments to the way we use our Member Centers.

We call them Member Centers because they are for Members…not Nerds. We want the Members to be comfortable in the Member Center and feel like it’s their space. So, we’ve moved the Repair Nerds out and placed them in our NEW Repair Center! And, we’ve set up another meeting space as a conference room for One-to-Ones and small One-to-Many sessions. We’ve also moved the phones and back office staff out of the Member Center. We’re also adding new key card/keyless locks so Members can access the space 24/7 for secure pickup/dropoff. Or, Members can just use the space for meetings and small group sessions. For example, we have pilots, authors, chefs, fly fishers, golfers, motorcycle riders, etc. in the Membership. They could get together to discuss their hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

We’ve also been asked about the recent name change. We really didn’t think that much about it. We started as Neighborhood Nerds but have always had Gizmo (our Platypus mascot) and have always spoken internally about how Gizmo Cares for all of our Members. As we’ve grown, we’ve been specializing Nerds for service. We have all kinds of Nerds. We have Helpdesk Nerds, Repair Center Nerds, AV Nerds, IT Nerds, Handyman Nerds, Business Nerds, and more. We just thought it made sense to group them all under Gizmo Cares, Inc. So, Neighborhood Nerds is still here to help you with all of your Consumer Technology Usage Requests. If you need a computer repaired or a cracked screen replaced, that’s where the Repair Center Nerds get involved. If you need phone support or remote support, that’s where the Help Desk Nerds jump in. Need help with Audio and Video solutions in your Home or Business, that’s our AV Nerds.

So, please relax and know that your Nerds are still here to care for you. Give us a call at 865-622-2422 or email [email protected]



  1. Terri Bakri says:

    Hi there, I am a member and just wondering if your new space is up and running yet or are you still “remodeling?” I would like to consult with someone one on one about a refurbished Macbook Pro before they are all purchased for the holidays. Would prefer to meet with someone so we can look on Apple website and have you advise me. I inquired about this before and Leo was kind enough to give me some advice but I still had questions before I purchase one and would prefer to actually “talk in person”. Am I able to come to you or do I need to schedule appt at my home?
    Thank you,
    Terri Bakri

    • Leo says:

      Yes, we’re still working on the Member Center. We do have meeting space at the building upstairs. Also, we can meet you at your home if you prefer. We will have a Nerd contact you.

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